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Nitroglycerin ointment is currently on manufacturer back order. Please consider alternate therapy.


Screening for Asymptomatic Carotid Artery Stenosis



US Preventive Services Task Force: Do not screen for asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis in the general adult population


(JAMA 2015;313:192-193) 



Meds Tracker upgrade to version 6.1 


Changes to expect:

  1. Discharge Diagnosis is REQUIRED. The system will not allow finalization if discharge diagnosis and related quality measures are missing. Even though Admission Diagnosis may be marked with a RED border on the discharge page, it is not required. ONLY the discharge page is required. 
  2. The Home Medication 'OVERRIDE TO PROCEED' notification has been enlarged to remind you that nursing has not yet reconciled Home Medications.


Please visit the eCafe to refresh.



AUTOMATIC Printing of Physician Rounding Reports will STOP


Why are we stopping?

  • We have received complaints from nursing staff and providers that there is only a small percentage of providers using these forms
  • Information is NOT current
  • Resource Waste
  • Preparation for our future integrations with CPOE

How can I view my information?

  • All information is within the Portal system. If you need assistance with Portal, contact: Brenda Land - 402-5228; after hours: call HelpDesk at 402-5000

How can I get a printed copy?

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The CMS will no longer require INPATIENT "Certification" effective January 1, 2015. Therefore, effective 12/6/2014, "Certification" forms will not be placed on charts for completion.




The requirements for "Certification" WILL REMAIN for outlier patients as defined below and a form may be developed in the future.


     42CFR 424.13 Requirements for inpatient services of hospitals


     Timing of certification and recertification:

     Certification is required no later than one day after the hospital reasonably assumes that the case meets cost outlier criteria or no later than 20 days into the hospital stay. Subsequent re-certifications are required at intervals not less frequently than every 30 days.


     Content of certification and recertification.

  1. Reasoning for continued hsopitalization of the patient for medical treatment or medically-required inpatient diagnostic study; or
  2. Reasoning for special or unusual services for cost outlier cases
  3. The estimated time the patient will need to remain in the hospital.
  4. The plans for post hospital care.


Please call Case Management if you have any questions @ 352-351-7208.


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